How to pay with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin example)

This page explains how to pay with cryptocurrency, using Bitcoin as an example.

Important Notes

If you choose to pay with cryptocurrency, we ask that you do not send it from exchange wallets.Sending cryptocurrencies from exchange wallets generally takes a long time. The rates may change before they are processed and may result in additional payment requests.

Additional Information

  • Please check what currencies you can use from here.
  • We utilize an external payment service called Bitpay for payments made with cryptocurrency.

1.Log into Cryptact, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and click on your email address.


2.Click the "Billing" tab and click on "Update Plan".


3.Select the plan you wish to subscribe to. Click "Pay with cryptocurrency" and click "Confirm".

4.You will be transferred to BitPay screen. Choose your wallet and then choose the currency you want to pay with.

5. Enter your email address (you will receive payment receipt confirmation).

6. A QR code will be displayed on the screen. Scan it into your wallet and make the payment.
Please do not use exchange wallets for the payment. It may take a long time to send, and as a result, the rate may change and you may have to pay more.


7.Once you complete the payment in your wallet and the network detects the transaction, the "Success" screen will be displayed. Click the "Return to cryptact Ltd" button at the bottom and return to cryptact.