How to get trade history from bybit

How to get trade history from bybit(update: Sep 20th, 2020)

Bybit has removed the function to download transaction history. If you request them, they will send you. Therefore, please contact bybit directly and obtain the following history file from them.


■for inquiries

※Please use the e-mail address registered in your bybit account to send your inquiry.


■files to be uploaded on Cryptact

・asset history file(A summary of the history of all margin currencies other than USDT)

・asset history file(only USDT)

・fiat depo file(Purchase history of virtual currency in legal tender)

Please contact bybit with your request, stating that all previous history should be included in the request.


About bybit's Products

All the CFDs (Contract for Difference) listed on bybit's exchanges are settled and closed with Collateral coins.

Because of this,  Cryptact determines the profit and loss for each closed contract position by its impact (increase or decrease) on account margin balances. Profit/Loss calculations are possible in this manner but the products themselves (i.e. bybit's perpetual futures) will not show up in your ledger summary.

Each increase in your account margin balance is treated as an increase where profit/loss is realized at the point of the transaction (similar to an airdrop or bonus). Decreases are calculated through a disposal at zero price (sell at zero).



In order to prevent double-counting, please upload the above file after deleting the history of uploads in the old format.


【How to delete】

1.Click on the trash icon on the left side of "Add transactions"



2.If there is a "bybit" from the source, select it and click "Delete Selected".

※Please note that deleted data cannot be restored.