System update on 28/Nov/2018

Support for the large number of trades

Now we support up to 700,000 lines of ledgers (previously 300,000 lines).

If you have more than 700,000 lines, please reach out our support.


The size of file per upload restriction stays the same. If your file size is more than 20MB, please see the following instruction

  • If your file is less than 50MB, please zip it.
  • If your file is more than 50MB, or uploading the zip file fails, then
    • Split the file so that the size of each file is less than 20MB.
    • Upload the file in 'append' mode, from the oldest trade.


Faster screen drawing

We also improved the ledger screen's response.  Regardless of the size of ledger, the drawing time is constant.


Support for Bitcoin Cash hardfork

We've added a symbol 'BSV' for Bitcoin Cash SV.  BitcoinCash ABC remains BCH.

The symbol mapping is automatic for our supported exchanges.

When you sell BSV, please don't forget to add 'buy' record of the coin by following this custom file instruction.