System update on 10/Jul/2018

Here are today's updates.


Note that the behaviour was changed when price is specified as '0' in your custom file. Please read the below for detail.


Calculation logic

Transfer fee

In settings screen, now you can choose whether to include transfer fee as loss or not.


New trade types

  • "FEE" is now deprecated. Please don't use this any more.
  • "SENDFEE" is used for transfer fee.
  • "TIP"
    • This is used when you paid tip. Your position will be reduced by this amount without affecting profit and loss
  • "REDUCE"
    • This is used to reduce your position without affecting profit and loss



  • In the edit screen, cryptact price can be easily referred.
    • this is applied for trade types such as "SENDFEE", "MINING", "BONUS", "PAY", and "LENDING"
  • Values are now formatted in 10 decimal points
  • Trade types are translated into each language
  • Tooltip is shown if cryptact price is used.
  • Design improvement of the trade detail screen.


Custom File

  • Now "0" as price is accepted.  Previously, 0 price in custom file was converted into cryptact price. From today,
    • 0 in price means 0.
    • If price is empty, cryptact price will be used.


Removed erroneous records

We removed trade history records whose date is erroneous (such as 9999/99/99).
To avoid this in future, timestamp formats are checked strictly when files are uploaded.

Please reach out our support if you have any questions.