Why are deposits and withdrawals in legal currency(Japanese yen) not reflected?

Legal tender deposit and withdrawal history is not required for virtual currency profit and loss calculations.

Example:ExchangeA→A / ExchangeB→B

(1) Deposit 1,000 yen in A
(2) Buy 1 coin (500yen) at A
(3) Transfer the coin from A to B
(4) Sell at B for 900yen
(5) Withdraw 100yen from B 

In this case, your profit/loss is +400 yen ((4)-(2)).

Whether the 400 yen is on the exchange or in your possession after withdrawal does not affect your profit/loss.
All that is required is "(2)Coin Purchase History" and "(4)Coin Sale History".

Also, "(1) Deposit History," "(3) Remittance History (excluding fees)," and "(5) Withdrawal History" are not necessary because there is no increase or decrease in your total assets and they do not affect your profit and loss.
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