Cannot upload Zaif files

For Zaif files, there are two main reasons why they cannot be uploaded.


1. Uploading a ZIP file instead of CSV

Zaif transaction history files are downloaded in ZIP format (ZIP is a method of file compression).

Please check the password on the Zaif transaction history download page, extract (unzip) the ZIP, extract the CSV file, and upload it.


Reference for Windows users

Please install 7-Zip, and follow the below steps to unzip the file.
1) Right-click the file you want to unzip, and select "7-Zip" from the menu.
2) When the 7-ZIP menu appears, click "Extract files…" option.
3) Check which folder the unzipped file will be placed. If you want to the unzipped file to be placed in a different folder, click the "" button beside the "Extract to" field.
4) Click "OK".


2. Editing the extracted CSV

If you open the file after extracting the ZIP file, the character encoding and formatting may change and the upload may fail in some cases. Please upload the extracted CSV file as is.
How to resolve ”If you opened or resaved your file, you may not be able to upload”

If you are still unable to upload the file using the above methods, unfortunately we cannot immediately determine the cause of the problem.
Please send the file to Customer Support.

If you are in a hurry, please create a custom file from your Zaif transaction history and try uploading it.