How to solve the exchange file upload error

This help page provides solutions for when you are unable to upload files from the exchange.


Table of contents:


1. Main Causes

1.1 It May Be An Order History File

It may be an order -- not execution -- file.

In order to calculate accurate profit and loss, individual trades (executions) are required. Orders, which aggregate trades and can be incomplete, partially filled, or active for long periods of time generally cannot be used for accurate calculations.


1.2 Information That Third Parties Cannot Easily Identify

Some files available on exchanges duplicate information, or are missing information, or aggregate your transactions in a way that makes it difficult to accurately calculate profit and loss (ex. annual order summaries).


1.3 The File is Outdated

In some occasions, we have to remove support for some older files that conflict with current files that are downloadable from the exchange.

2. Solutions

Please check this page for instructions on downloading files supported by cryptact and ensure that you are downloading the files correctly.


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