Supported Accounting Currencies

In this help page, we will provide an explanation about cryptact's supported accounting currencies.

【Update】As of December 21, 2023, AUD: Australian Dollar is now supported.


1.  About Supported Accounting Currencies

The accounting currency is the base currency used for profit and loss calculations. For those residing in Japan, please choose Japanese Yen (JPY).

The supported accounting currencies in Cryptact are as follows:

  • JPY: Japanese Yen
  • USD: US Dollar
  • EUR: Euro
  • AUD: Australian Dollar

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2.  About the Year End Month

By default, the last month of the fiscal year is set to December (※). However, if you subscribe to a plan higher than the Standard Plan, you can change the last month of the fiscal year at your convenience.

Setting the End of the Year (for legal entities)

(※)If you choose Australian Dollar as the accounting currency in the free plan, the last month of the fiscal year will automatically be set to June.