How to handle Donated Coins

On this page, we explain the handling method for coins transferred as donations.

For donations, please upload the transaction as a "Sale at Market Value" for the purposes of cryptocurrency profit and loss calculations.

Please note that for donation deductions, you should consult with your tax advisor or tax office separately from the cryptocurrency profit and loss calculations.


▼ Example: Donated 2 ETH.

Timestamp Action Source Base Volume Price Counter Fee FeeCcy Comment
Trade datetime*1 SELL any ETH 2 Blank*1 JPY*2 0*3 JPY optional

*1  If the base currency is one of cryptact’s supported coins, we will refer to the market price. However, you may also provide the price you researched yourself.

*2 We only accept Fiat currencies. You cannot enter coins, it will result in an error.

*3 The basic entry should be "0". If the FeeCcy that can be recorded matches the Base, you can specify it. If the currency is different, you need to separately list the reduced amount of the fee.



As stated in the Terms of Use, Cryptact is not responsible for the above statements or any events derived from them. If you have any questions about taxation, please consult your own tax accountant.