Being asked to upgrade despite not exceeding the "Transactions/year".

On this page, we'll explain the steps to take when you're asked to upgrade even though you haven't reached the Transactions number/year limit of your subscribed plan.

We only indicate the need for an "upgrade" if the number of transactions per year has been exceeded.
Please check the following first.


1.Please confirm the highest number of annual transactions for each year.

An upgrade may be necessary if the annual transactions numbers for any past year exceeds the annual transactions number of the plan, even if the transaction count for the most recent year is below the subscribed plan's annual transactions number.


2.Please confirm the transactions number before grouped

In cryptact, transactions in the same currency, and same transaction type within one minute can be grouped and displayed as one transaction, but the "number of Transactions/year" in the plan is counted based on the number of transactions before grouped.
"Transactions number/year" for the Pricing plan.
スクリーンショット 2024-05-24 140238.png


If, after checking the above, you still see a prompt for an upgrade despite not exceeding the annual transactions number, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact customer support with a screenshot of the screen for further assistance.


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