Changing your ledger settings


1.  What is Ledger Setting

You can change settings related to the Crypto cost basis method (average cost, periodic average cost), reporting currency, Lock, etc.

From the "Ledger Setting" tab in the upper-left corner of the screen, you can check and modify the settings for "Ledger" and "Lock."


2.  What can be done in "General Settings" of "Ledger Setting"

2.1 Ledger Setting

  • Crypto cost basis method: Select between average cost and periodic average cost.
  • Reporting Currency: Select the base currency for calculating profits and losses.
  • Time Zone: Choose the time zone for the transaction date and time displayed on the transaction history.

2.2 Advanced Settings

  • Expense transfer fees: By default, expense recognition is turned off. It processes as a simple reduction of positions.
  • Allow marginal close violations: Initially set at 100 yen in Japanese yen equivalent. This feature allows ignoring the discrepancy within the user-set minor range for loss and profit calculations, even in the presence of a position shortage.
  • Decimal Places for Coins: Initially set at 8 digits. You can modify the decimal places for coin positions.
  • Use 5% adjusted cost basis: Initially set to off. When activated, from the selected fiscal year onwards, it compares 5% of the average acquisition cost and selling price for each coin, applying the higher value as the acquisition cost for profit and loss calculations.
  • Attempt best-effort fallback to zero for price lookups: Initially set to off.
  • Always use TTM for FX prices: Initially calculated using the mid-point (TTM).
  • Derivative/Margin cost basis method: When uploading transaction history, choose between the profit and loss presented by the exchange or FIFO calculation method.

2.3 Corporate Settings

  • Year end month: Initially set to December, but you have the option to change to the closing month for financial statements.
  • Year-end Mark-to-Market P&L: Initially set to "Not Applicable." By selecting either the "Reversal Method" or the "Cut-Off Method," you can add the unrealized gains and losses of the coins held at the end of the fiscal year to the annual profit and loss.


3.  What can be done in "Lock" of "Ledger Setting"

This is a function to confirm and finalize past fiscal year transaction histories and profit/loss results.

For detailed information on the functions, please refer to the following: (Japanese Only)

Introducing Data Locking and Start of Year Entry

4.  Applying Setting Changes

When making changes to the settings, always be sure to click the "Update" button at the bottom of the screen to apply the modifications.

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