If I change my subscription from Advanced Plan to Standard Plan, what will happen to the function that automatically recognizes Defi transactions?

1. Function that automatically recognizes Defi transactions

When the Advanced Plan expires, you will no longer be able to access the "DeFi transactions" tab. You will lose access to all functionalities in the Defi transactions tab including viewing/editing/deleting DeFi transactions and connecting to your wallet.


2. Data retention

As long as you are on a paid subscription plan, all DeFi transactions that were previously uploaded will be retained and you can view them via the "Transactions" tab.

Data retention policy after changing subscription


3. Transactions that are marked "To Confirm" in the Defi transactions tab

If you have "To Confirm" transactions in the Defi transactions tab, you need to address them before the Advanced Plan expires. "To Confirm" transactions in the Defi transactions tab are also listed in the Transactions tab, however, they are excluded from the PNL calculation and therefore your Realized Gains/Losses is not accurate.

* For more information on how to address "To Confirm", or how to use DeFi capabilities, please refer to How to use DeFi capabilities.