How to get trade history from Huobi Global

This page shows how to get trade histroy from Huobi Global. 


■How to download the spot trade history

1.Choose 「Spot&Margin」from 「Orders」.


2. After the below screen is showed, click on「Details」and then click on the icon with the pop up message,「Export order details」.



3. 「Export Successfully」will be showed when download is completed.



■How to check withdrawals

※CSV file does not include the withdrawals. Therefore, please check your withdrawals history by following the below steps and add any missing transactions by custom file. Alternatively, please obtain withdrawals history by API sync


1. Click on「Assets」.


2. Then click on「History」.


3. You can check the withdrawals as below.




Upload trade history files from Huobi Global

After downloading the trade history files, please upload them via upload screen.